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Haute Couture on the two wheels

The origins of Aprilia date back to immediately after the Second World War, when Cavalier Alberto Beggio founded a factory in Noale, province of Venice, to manufacture bicycles.

The products of this small workshop, which ranges from components to finished products, achieved a good level of success and, in 1962, the sole proprietor company became an Snc.

Alberto's son, Ivano Beggio, joined his father at the head of the small company in 1968, and it was clear that his main interest was not in bicycles when, together with a dozen or so assistants from the factory, he built the first Aprilia "motorbike", a gold and blue 50 cc model.
The product was well received. Colibrì and Daniela were the names of the first Aprilia mopeds, but the model that made itself noticed was the 1970 Scarabeo cross bike. The bike, and the cross version in particular, were in fact a true passion for those who dreamed of competing in national competitions, in a speciality that was constantly increasing in popularity during those years.